About Us

VĂȘtements Ctrue Inc. is a Montreal based company, founded in 2014 by Marc-AndrĂ© Frantz Chagnon. This brand allows each and everyone to wear what defines them, either it be mental, personal or physical attributes. In fact, on the apparel of your choice, you get to add your distinctive feature in order to show it off to the world.

How Ctrue Started

At first, it was only a vision. We wanted to see everyone be proud of who they are and wear what defines them. That way, people would know each other at first sight. In fact, clothing is the first sign that reveals someone’s personality. That brought us to affiliate our concept with some quality apparel to make it come to life globally. One thing then led to another and the Ctrue movement started.

Our Mission

What defines you is worth to be screamed out loud. We at Ctrue believe that everyone is beautiful and special. Make the obvious even more obvious or surprise people around you by affirming something completely unexpected. In other words, be proud of what you stand for and be a part of the movement.

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